Saturday, 28 November 2009

Thar she blows!

So this weather is crazy this weekend! Yesterday it dawned beautiful and sunny with the promise of a lovely warm day.

But by the time I left work it was pouring! The sky was black and it was windy.

Today, it is so windy it's gale force and we have periods of lovely blue sky followed very quickly by cloud bursts. That's the only way I can describe it!

I got a call to say my scooter is ready for pick up, but I took pity on Fluffy and told them we would pick it up Monday instead of today - I fear he would get blown right off the road today! I am not sure what was wrong with it. They said the it had an automatic fuel tap and they put a manual one one. Whatever that means. They also claim it was not full when we bought it. I don't believe that, the guage did not read 1/4 of a tank! That's ridiculous. Luckily, the arrogant bloke who fixed it is the one who will be there on Monday so Fluffy can pick his brains.

Today, Hermione and Dobby went to a birthday party at the Ice Arena. Brrr. After we dropped them off we wandered down to Harbourtown to pick up my eternity ring. What do you think? Sorry it's a bit blurry, but it's the top ring anyway.

We also bought a couple of towels from Designer Direct for the van. And a coffee.

Now, back home where it's warm and cosy, ready for a cuppa I think. Yep, sounds like a plan...


Anonymous said...

very nice ring!!!

Anonymous said...

very nice ring too love wally

Chris H said...

Our weather is similar... sadly.
Hope your scooter behaves from now on.
And of course I love your new ring... it goes so well with the others! VERY PRETTY.

Anonymous said...

Good choice!! :-) moose

SOL's view said...

the ring looks lovely. welcome to send it my way! :)