Monday, 9 November 2009


Well, although we all seemed to be snappy this weekend, it was a bloody hoot.

Friday Fluffy took the van up early and set it all up ready for us that evening. Remember he has just come of night shift. Tenunda is almost two hours drive from our house, and he did it 3 times that day. I guess that gives him reason to be picky. I had a screaming headache and he didn't want to cook the sausages for tea so I had to go into the township and find a takeaway.

I got real mad at that. And I got lost. So I got snappy. Poor Hermione probably wondered what hit her. Anyway, after paying $28 for 4 pieces of fish, chips and gravy, we sat around and ate. It was late so we didn't do much else.

As we travelled with the group, we were toward the end of the double row. About ten pm or so some of the more "shandied up" of the group ventured up toward our end of the row and decided to check out the newbie site. Soon more gravitated up our end and it was bloody hysterical because Fluffy was in his element showing them all the modifications he had done. One bloke reckoned he wanted to marry Fluffy. What a scream! At one point he had 7 women in the van (none of which were me). They have dubbed his van the Swiss Army Van. It stuck...

Anyway, our new friend Nan (I shall call her for this blog) we had met on the first rally, stopped by for what seems to have become her ritual late night cup of coffee. She didn't leave until after eleven....

The tent was horribly quiet and it turns out the girls crashed about nine (with the dog) and didn't hear about 10 drunks milling about the campsite. Aah to be young and ignorant.

Saturday the girls were itching to get into the pool. Friday evening they went to the office to inquire as to when it would be ready. They were told lunch time Saturday. Lots of huffiness followed that. So Saturday they noticed the pool bloke checking the chemical levels and asked again. Not long, says he.

We went up to morning tea, said hi to all the drunks from last night and sat around chatting with some of the regulars. It was nice to be remembered. The girls quickly changed into their bathers and waited very impatiently for the pool to be ready. About 11.15 it was. They disappeared.

Fluffy and I walked up to the kiosk for an icecream. It was blimmin hot and we needed to cool off. We sat around outside in the shade for a bit and Fluffy asked if I wanted to go check out the path that was supposed to lead out to the pub. I said I had told the girls I would take them when they finished their swim. Fluffy said okay he was going for a walk.

He was gone almost two hours! I was left sitting around. Couldn't go anywhere or do anything because the girls were in the pool (opposite our site). Bloody men. Turns out, when he finally got back to tell me, he had gone on the walk himself! And, as poetic justice, it was a long, steep, hot walk and he got blisters. Hah! We didn't take the girls.

We had happy hour sitting in the shade of a stage thing that was opposite our sites. That was fun. It extended quite late and eventually we wandered off to make tea. As we had all been nibbling on munchies during happy hour we weren't particularly hungry. The girls had grabbed a pack of 20 little bags of chips and taken it back to the pool (they were there all day, and Dobby looks like a little tomato despite the sun cream). So I just made them nachos for tea.

After dinner we went back for games. That was fun! We played that disc throwing game again, and again we made it to the finals. We played the fellow who introduced us to the club in the first place. His wife was in Melbourne shopping (lucky girl) so it was just him. He beat us in the final (story of our life hey) and rubbed it in all weekend! very funny!

We stayed on after games and shared stories of favourite or memorable places we had been to on our travels.

Eventually we made our way back to camp. I was tired from the big weekend and we found we had a problem with the sullage drain not working. It was dark and late and Dobby was in one of her moods so they went out to the tent to bed (whew) about half nine. Fluffy and I continued to try to unplug the sullage pipe. Our friend nan wandered in yet again and parked herself down while we unblocked the pipe. There was a wad of melted cheese blocking it. And a grape it seems...

I went for a shower and left Fluffy and nan chatting. When I got back I had a cuppa and joined them. The group next door were still sitting drinking after eleven when we finally got to bed. So much for that early night.... I woke up briefly at twelve to roll over and everything was quiet...

Sunday morning I went for an early shower and fought again with the girls who just wouldn't get moving. We sat them down later and told then that we expected better and if they wanted to come away for two weeks they had better be prepared to do what we want. Dobby came back from her shower in such a better mood she was very cooperative and well behaved.

Fluffy started breakfast while they were up there and we had almost finished before Hermione came back. Wonder what took her so long. Anyway, after breakfast they both cleaned up their stuff without being told and we packed up.

We had morning tea with the club again at ten, and everyone went back to packing up. We left just after eleven after bidding everyone farewell until December Christmas Rally and headed to Lyndoch to the german bakery. We met up with half the travellers there too. It cost me $40 for 4 pies, 4 flavored milks and 2 gingerbread men! Bloody hell, this weekend cost us a small fortune!

We made it back to Smithfield to meet Hermione's lift but he didn't answer his phone so we had to take her all the way back to our place. He picked her up at half five....

Well, it was definitely an early night last night, and back to work today. It's going to be soooo hot this week I am grateful for the airconditioning. Not looking foward to losing all my garden plants again but I just can't keep the water up to them. I think I will find some geraniums and plant them in the pots. Yep, nothing kills those things!

So, until next weekend, stay cool and have fun!


Anonymous said...

very interesting love

SOL's view said...

w00t! sounds like you had a great time.

**pardae** yep. the weekend was one long pardae


Leanne said...

Sounds like a good weekend! This club you have joined sounds fun, and its always good to make new friends.

Looking forward to hearing bout your next trip

JoeinVegas said...

I never got into the camping thing - seems like so much work to just sit around in a different place. But it does sound like you guys have fun doing it.