Friday, 27 November 2009


So I got a phone call about 2.45 yesterday afternoon. From the school. Someone has hurt her arm, it's swollen, can I come get her.

I left work and raced off to the school. Ever notice how you only get caught in traffic when you're in a hurry? I think I got every red light possible on the way home, and caught behind two buses!

Anyway, I picked her up. Apparently she was quite pale for awhile but she was flushed when I got there. Her friend Tiny and her were swinging on an office chair, when Tiny pulled the lever to move the back of the chair forward, hunching Dobby forward. Then she swung the chair with the inevitable result. Dobby went flying.

She landed awkwardly on her arm, with her foot across it. It did look quite a bit swollen. I took her to the doctor, who proceded to twist and squeeze her arm, declaring it wasn't broken, and because she had had ice on it for an hour or so by this time, the pain had receded. He said if it was no better or indeed worse tomorrow (today) to take her back and he would send her for an x-ray.

When we got home I put it in a sling for her and she toddled off to watch tv. She took the sling off after awhile because it was hurting her neck. Later in the evening she found the pain was coming back quite badly. My little trooper, who makes a wonderful patient who is always on her best behaviour, refused pain killers though.

She found it too difficult to climb her bunk up into bed so slept on the mattress on the floor.

This morning she is in a fair deal of pain. It is sending shooting pain down her fingers now, and all the surrounding muscles are quite sore. She is still convinced it's fractured. Back on went the sling, with an unused dish sponge cushioning it behind her neck.

As she has a dentist appointment this afternoon I am not sure how she will go if she needs to go back to the doctor. Hermione is also coming tonight so I hope it settles down.

I'll find out this afternoon I guess how the day progresses...


SOL's view said...

The joys of parenting. Don' choo jes luv it?

So, how DO you land with your foot on your arm? Way to go Dobby! :)

JoeinVegas said...

es, ouchies - sorry, but do get it xrayed