Tuesday, 24 November 2009


It would appear the scooter is haunted.

At least, that's Dobby's impression. See, on the weekend she came running inside to tell us that the scooter was running briefly. We laughed her off, that's a ridiculous notion! It's parked there, under the tree, beside the car. How could it be running? Pffft.

Later, she said she heard it beep (the alarm beeps as does the scooter when it turns off, so you know it's turned off...). I couldn't hear it.

Next thing, she comes running in puffing "it's going again! I just flicked that button to turn it off!" That button being the red cut-off button that turns it off immediately.

Fluffy goes out to investigate. He came back some time later saying it was warm so maybe it had been on, but we didn't know how. Maybe the rain had shorted something, even though it's covered? I went back out with him to investigate because I am a stickybeak afterall.

I took my keys with me. Him had tried to start it with his remote. It wouldn't start. He turned it off, turned it on, set the alarm, set the alarm off, all things. When I took mine out, he found it worked. The bike still wouldn't start with the remote, but it did something else it couldn't do earlier, but what it was escapes me.

Anyway, it is designed to start with either the brake held in and the key turned, or with a button on the remote. It won't start with the kick stand down.

So, as a precaution, we put the kick stand down.

It stayed quiet.

Until last night.

When I walked Fluffy out on his way to work the bike was puttering away again. And it had been for a few minutes at least because the exhaust was hot. That's dangerous because it was covered with a nylon car cover.

Him had shifted it a few days ago and put it back on the full stand, not the kick stand.

I was lying awake last night wondering what was going on and the only conclusion I can think of is that the remote was in my bag, and something was pressing on it, and the bike was within range and started. That's the only thing I can think of.

Anyway, Fluffy just phoned to say he would meet me down at the learner driver centre with the scooter after work today so I can go for a practice off road. Eeep!


Anonymous said...

oh wow a haunted scooter!! thats WAY cool!!!! xxxxx moose

Chris H said...

The plot thickens! Heee hee.. hope it doesn't just drive itself away!
Good luck with the lessons.

SOL's view said...

It's me you know. I'm controlling it from here, just to make things interesting.....

heh heh heh

Anonymous said...

you have all the fun.love wally