Sunday, 15 November 2009


Wow, what a weekend I just had.

Dobby went for a sleepover to Hermione's house Friday night. She stayed two nights. Utter Bliss! We bought KFC for her to take with her, dropped her off and then Fluffy and I drove down toward Brighton in search of somewhere to eat. I had a massive headache again (the heat I think) and we just couldn't find a carpark in Glenelg or Brighton. So we drove up Morphett Road to the Morphett Arms Hotel and had a lovely dinner there, just the two of us.

After dinner we wandered home and watched TV then went to bed.

Saturday we decided to go to Harbourtown to get Fluffy some casual footwear. He had thongs but they broke last summer so he has been wearing the Volleys he got for his birthday in October. We went to Rivers and found him two pair of casual slide type sandals and a pair of rubber thongs for the caravan.

I found a long dress in Sparkles which is black, knitted material (t-shirt material) with crocheting down the back. Very nice.

We stopped at Coffee Club for morning tea then I decided to look in Sheils, as I often do, to get ideas for an eternity ring. I had looked at several previously, mainly inlaid small diamonds, in a 'V' shape or straight line, to fit around the engagement ring, usually priced about $450.

In Sheils we looked at a group of 5 diamonds arranged in a claw setting semi circle. I hadn't considered something like this before. It sat grouped around the engagement ring setting quite nicely, and the diamonds were approximately the same size. However, it was priced at $1200.

But, Sheils were having a 50% off sale. So I got the ring for $614. It's in being sized but I will have it in about ten days. God Bless interest free!

After that we stopped at the cheap shop to find decorations for the van. The next rally we are going on is a Christmas rally, and I mentioned there was a prize for the best decorated... oh dear. Fluffy had a field day! I also had to find something for two parties Dobby is going to over the next two weekends. I found some nice little jewellery pieces. And a ladies gift for the Christmas rally.

We then stopped at a friend's place so Fluffy could pick up his laptop, the friend's husband was repairing for him. We stayed a couple of hours and it was lovely. On the way home we decided to window shop at a place Fluffy found my Christmas present. The owners were just leaving and saw us looking in the window, came back and opened up for us.

See, I am getting a Zoot scooter for Christmas. A 50cc step through. Black with red accents. We have just looked and decided what to buy, but haven't done anything about it yet. Fluffy is cashing in his sick leave and that will pay for it.

Back home and we parked ourselves in front of the telly to watch The Bank Job, and I stuck some chips, fish and mini spring rolls into the oven to eat while watching the movie.

Sunday morning Dodge woke me up early again playing around to get my attention (the little shit) so I got up and started the washing. Actually, I didn't start the washing, I put away the last of the Chrisco hamper into the pantry, cleaned the toilet window sill, dusted off the frogs on the sill, and cleaned the toilet. While dusting one of the frogs fell and landed on the knuckle of my toe. Bloody hell it hurts now!

After Fluffy got up I did the washing, he vacuumed the floor, and we made our way to Marion. He showed me the Zoot display there as well and we chatted to the lady who opened up the shop yesterday for us.

We had a look in Best and Less for swimmers, didn't find any, but I found a pair of shorts each for Hermione and Dobby. I also found 4 for $10 undies, quite nice lacey ones too, for me, and a pair of wide band undies for Dobby.

We moved down to Big W and they didn't have any reasonable togs either. I bought two more pairs of knickers for Dobby. On the way out I stopped at Millers and bought a long sundress for $28. Bargain! Nice colours - oranges, purples... very pretty.

We stopped off at Foodland on the way home for a few basics and settled down to watch some golf before the peace was broken by the return of Dobby. Nan, Hermione and Bruno stayed for awhile and then they left. Now, an hour or so later, it's time to start dinner. I probably should get the washing off the line too, but man, it's hot out there!

Anyway, when I get my wheels and my diamonds I will try post photos. My camera doesn't take close up's very well so I won't promise anything!


SOL's view said...

Look out world! Time to walk on the road!

Yes. Photos. A must.

JoeinVegas said...

um, Coffee Club for morning tea? Why not go to Tea Club for morning coffee?

Chris H said...

What a good deal on the ring! Hope you are going to post a photo when you get it.